I was lucky enough to train in the art of Female Domination in none other than the city of Leather itself, Chicago. The Mistresses that trained Me are certainly from the old school guard in which ego is never mistaken for dominance, and proper protocols are always in place. My play style is just that, play. I love what I do, and I cherish the human interaction and power exchange. If a session doesn't strike My fancy, it's not worth My time. I am certainly lifestyle first, and My full time experience as a Mistress feeds into My ability to bring a true power exchange into a session. 

When I am not indulging Myself in all of the fetishes this beautiful alternative culture has to offer Me, I am working on My education, educating others, and traveling. I am currently on a Bachelor's of Biological Science with a focus on Infectious Disease Medicine after Medical School. I volunteer and educate on BSDM practices, consent, and sexual health and gender identity. I've lectured at Taboo Tabou Chicago, many recovery related conferences, The Stockroom, and USC. 

I travel frequently, at least 2 international journeys a year, and have yet to stay in Los Angeles for a full 30 days with out a trip. Some of My favorite places are Spain,  Tokyo, and Nepal. 

About Bella Bathory  

I remember falling into this lifestyle during My first Fetish and Fantasy Ball at age 17. A latex clad Cruella Deville strutted on stage exuding such confidence and poise complete with 6 naked and spotted male dalmatians who did nothing but compliment her power over them. I was instantly hooked. I had found My place in the world.