Whether I am dressed in designer lingerie, silk cuban heeled stockings covering My long gams with stilettos gracing My perfectly pedicured feet, or dressed head to toe in leather and latex, I am thoroughly aware that Mine is the body of a Goddess, and I adorn myself as such. I love the fashion almost as much as I love the fetish, and I know the right outfit can make the scene come to life. Corporal punishment is high on the ranking of My personal interests, but I also enjoy getting in your mind to facilitate . At a statuesque 5'11 without heels, I will tower over most submissives and I don't hesitate to use my height as a source of intimidation and power. I have been told by many a happy client that my feet were made for trampling. With my blonde hair, green eyes, and beautiful face it's often off putting how sadistic I am when given the opportunity. Nothing brings a twinkle to my eye or a beautifully melodic laugh to my lips like the ability to torture the deserving. 

What to expect while in My presence  

I believe a great session happens when all limits are discussed, both parties are eager, and we are able to build a scene around our shared interests, your first and foremost interest being my pleasure. I particularly enjoy elaborate role play scenarios, and I have the wardrobe to suit any role I slip into that day. I am the latex clad Mistress of your dreams, I am the emasculating Stepford wife, I am the Barbie doll you will never get to play with, I am the cheerleader that laughs at your underwhelming member. I am everything you've ever craved and I love to deny you.